Zapped On Cape is a permanent jewelry brand specializing in custom, micro-welded bracelets and anklets. 
The permanent jewelry experience consists of picking out a chain from our wide and unique selection, getting it custom fit to your wrist size, and then getting it "zapped" on, or welded on, to create a claspless, dainty piece of jewelry.

What is Zapping?
Zapping is the process of micro welding a chain onto your wrist with a small spark. Our trained jewelers have perfected the art of permanent jewelry.
Do I Need To Make An Appointment?
Appointments are strongly encouraged. Please note, each appointment slot is for 1 person. Please make multiple appointment slots for multiple members of your group. There may be a short wait before your appointment begins. We do offer walk-ins, but cannot guarantee there will be a time slot available.
Help! I Need To Remove My Bracelet.
Please carefully cut, using scissors or pliers, the chain off your wrist. If you wish to get it put back on your wrist, bring the chain back in, and we will weld it back on! Welding it back on is an $8 fee.

My bracelet is off, but I still have it. Can I get it put back on?
Yes. We can weld your bracelet again, for a $8 fee.
Does it hurt?
Not at all! The flash you see is the welding process, and can not hurt your skin!
Will I have trouble at the airport?
 We travel lots, and never have an issue! Your bracelet can go through airport security with ease!

Is there an age limit?
 Nope! Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 

I have a large party, can you accommodate us?
Yes! Please book an appointment for each person in your group. If there are not enough time slots available, please give us a call and we can see how we can help!
Can I get an anklet?
Yes! We offer anklets for an upcharge of $30 due to chain length. You do not need to specify whether you want a bracelet or anklet, you can choose once you arrive for your appointment!