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When you’re burned you wish you could just wash your sunburn away. Now you can. Because, it’s not getting the sunburn that hurts the worst, it’s the shower you have to take after. Right? It makes you feel like your skin is on fire! But seriously, Sun damage is dangerous, cumulative and difficult to reverse. 

That’s why The Original Sunburn Soap is made with Aloe Vera, Honey, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Root, Witch Hazel, Rice Bran Oil, and Peppermint Oil.  Perfect for gently exfoliating dead skin and healing sunburn at the same time.  Turning what used to be the worst part of getting burned into the most beneficial.

When you shower, you absorb the water and the ingredients of the products you use.  Ingredients in regular soaps can make your sunburn feel worse. That’s why it’s extra important to use skin care products that don’t contain things like fragrance oils and other irritants.  The Original Sunburn Soap is handcrafted with Certified Organic, All-Natural Ingredients that rehydrate, soothe and renew.  Bye-bye sunburn.



Saponified oils of (Coconut*, Olive*, Shea*, and Castor), Rice Bran Oil*, Epsom salt, Coconut Milk*, Honey, Essential Oils, Witch Hazel Extract*, Marshmallow Root Powder*, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera Powder*, Sodium Lactate

*Certified Organic & Non-GMO

Net Wt. 4 oz.

The WILD Promise

  • No fragrance oil
  • No chemicals
  • No GMOs
  • No colorants
  • No animal testing
  • No sulfates
  • No parabens
  • No mica
  • No worries