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Pillow & Towel Clip Set - Yellow

Pillow & Towel Clip Set - Yellow

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The ‘Beach Chair Pillow’ is one of those products that help you maximize your relaxation on a beach or at the pool! Our lightweight and fluffy beach pillows adjust under the head and neck to ensure you enjoy spending your day lounging at the beach or by the pool.

We have created this unique product so you can say goodbye to all those sunny days spoiled by sore necks. Sure to make you stand out at a beach and features a snazzy elastic strap that easily fits onto most beach chairs. The added waterproof function allows for our Beach Chair Pillows to stay dry even after lounging on them with wet hair. Beautifully paired with strong and durable color matching towel clips to secure your beach towel and claim your chair for the beautiful day of lounging at the beach that awaits you.

The Beach Chair Pillow is 15.75" x 8.86” (40 cm x 22.5 cm) with the attached strap being able to stretch to 30” (75 cm) long!

Machine washable slipcover.

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