Cape Cod Landmark Plus-1

Cape Cod Landmark Plus-1

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Available only at Solis, our Cape Cod Landmark SCOUT bags are a must have! Featuring our favorite landmarks from around the Cape - 

*Wychmere Harbor Overlook, Harwich Port

*Cape Cod Rail Trail, Dennis

*Chatham Band Stand, Chatham

*Nauset Light, Orleans

*Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown

*Train Bridge, Bourne 

As well as other wonderful Cape Cod icons to have you reminisce about summers spent in the salty, Cape Cod air. 


There's nothing quite like the Plus 1. This two-in-one travel bag is designed with the unexpected in mind--you never know when you'll need more space. The quilted tote folds into a removable pouch that becomes a snap-in pocket.